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Wheeler Industrial Corporation - Manufacturers of Mill Products for World Industry: EDM, Rods, Pins, Bronze, Brass, Beryllium, Gold Plated, Silver, Tin, Iron, Cladded Composites
Manufacturers of Mill Products for World Industry
Suppliers of Medical Grade Wires
Wheeler is a Custom Specialty Wire Manufacturer

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For Larger AWG Wires produced in Non-Ferrous Alloys, particularly Brass, Copper, Bronze, and Nickel Alloys: For Beryllium Copper Wire. All alloys plated with Gold, Silver, Nickel, Tin, and Solder. Produced in Round, Flat, Square,
Shaped, Cut To Length and Pins

Round Wires Round Wires
Super Strip Super Strip (tm)
Flat Wires Flat Wires
Shaped Wires Shaped Wires
Spring Wires Spring Wires
Precision Rods & Pins Precision Rods & Pins
Cut to Length Cut to Length
Medical Grade Medical Grade Wires
Bronze Bronze
Brass Brass
Nickel alloys Copper Nickel alloys
Nickel Nickel
Nickel Silver Nickel Silver
Copper Nickel Copper Nickel
 Iron Nickel Iron
Nickel-Tin Copper-Nickel-Tin
Specialty Cladded Composites Specialty Cladded Composites
Medical Grade Medical Grade Wires
For Smaller AWG wires produced in Bare and Plated non Ferrous and ferrous Alloys, Including Brass, Bronze, Nickel Alloys, and Stainless Steels:

LaserKut EDM Wires
LaserKut (tm) EDM Wires
Spring Spring Wires
Brush Brush Wires
Music String Music String Wires
Weaving Weaving Wires
Hose & Armor Braid Hose & Armor Braid Wires
Fine & Ultra Fine Fine & Ultra Fine Wires
For Cadmium and Magnesium Copper Wire, Trolley Wire for high speed trains, Rail Bands, High Strength Transmission Lines, Connectors, Flat Cable, Heating Pads, Electric Blanket Elements, Spring Contacts, Electrical Springs, Cable Wrap, Resistance Welding Electrodes, Switch Gear Components, Waveguide Cavities:

Bronze Cadmium Copper
Brass Magnesium Copper
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